The firm of Herreshoff Designs continues the longest continuous yacht design service in America. Dating from the mid 1800s, Captain Nathanael Greene Herreshoff designed the first United States Navy torpedo boats and yachts that defended the America’s Cup six consecutive times. His son, A. Sidney DeWolf Herreshoff, designed notable yachts built by the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company and then combined with his son Halsey in design of subsequent classes of yachts. Today, the principals of the firm, Halsey Herreshoff and Adam Langerman, lead a highly qualified team in the design and engineering of modern yachts. Many of these combine the elegance of classic lines with the timeless demands of the sea for safe and pleasurable sailing and powering.

The Herreshoff Design offices are thoroughly equipped with computer and drafting facilities in a classic building of the former Herreshoff Manufacturing Company close by Narragansett Bay in Bristol, Rhode Island, USA. Here the staff of Herreshoff Designs has all facilities for prototypes, element construction, and testing of new boats on the waters of Bristol Harbor. Significant is the lessons and inspiration of the background of signal successes over more than a century.

The two partners each hold degrees in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from the prestigious Webb Institute, America’s leading college for these specialized subjects. Other members of the Herreshoff Design Team hold equivalent credentials. Combined with this is notable practical experience ashore and afloat. Both Adam and Halsey are transatlantic sailors experienced in racing yachts in the most significant yacht races of America and Europe. The concomitant practical preparation and adjustments of such exploits are as important to successful designing as the essential educational prerogatives.